FishCrazy Charters' Lake Erie Cleveland Fishing Reports 2007


Ft. Out
               Running Depth 5" DD                        With 2 oz in-line @ 6' Leader

50'                                  7'                                                17'
75'                                10'                                                23'
100'                              13'                                                25'
125'                              14'                                                29'
150'                              15'                                                33'
175'                              16'                                                37'
200'                              18'                                                41'

Sunday December 16, 2007

Due to extended cold weather, the night fishing season has been cut short this year. Had no choice but
to cancel the rest of my trips  for the year. Those that still had trips coming will have a choice to
schedule a trip for the Spring night bite season, starting April 15, 2008 or receive their deposits back.

Sunday December 02, 2007

Saturday night, fished Edgewater. Muddy water, wind, cold, sleet, and not even a sniff from the few
fished we've marked made for bad fishing. I did have two of the best fishermen fishing with me, and they
are showing you exactly the size of fish we were aiming for. I guess it ended being "ALL OR NOTHING"!

Friday November 30, 2007

Saturday (11/24/07) and Sunday (11/25/07) fishing was very good at E. 72nd! 30' and 40' off the boards
worked best with blue and white being the color of choice. Saturday we tried some day program running
deep divers 75' off the big boards. We did pick up three this way, before night fall. Sunday morning
fished till 5:00am - the bite was hot!!! Sunday night fished till about 9:30 pm, the bite was also good.
Monday and Tuesday could not fish. Wednesday we attempted to fish. Did a combination of trolling,
drifting and sailing all at the same time. Fishing SUCKED!!! Marked alot of bait fish, but not many big
ones. About 10:00pm when the winds died down a bit (it did go down to 20 mph) we were able to
venture passed the light house and managed to hook 3 and boated two. The first hook up was the BIG
FISH every one is looking for. It did not want to come in at all, with the drag tight all the way down and it
was still slipping. Nick did a great job trying to hold it on, but then the 17 lbs mono leader snapped, the
end was all frayed and chewed up, so that # 18 Rapala had to be down its throat. It truly was the
heaviest eye I ever felt on.

Saturday November 24, 2007

Friday night fished E. 72nd. Got them going right off the bet about 5:30pm, 30' to 40' leads worked
best. Later 10' leads picked one more and lost two. Ended with 9 for the night.

Wednesday November 21,2007

Fished Edgewater on Tuesday. Got 3 eyes and a monster steelhead only. Hooked fish early on 7"
Shallow Diver Renoskys Mirror Image, then went completely dry.

Tuesday November 20, 2007

Fished from Edgewater to E. 72nd and back. When we finally got into some active fish, though smaller,
it went real good. The Chartreuse Mirror Image Shallow diver was hot! Ended up with 13 for 15. The
first 10 pounder for the tournament came to "Crazy Joe" casting off the rocks at E. 72nd.

Sunday November 18, 2007

Saturday and Friday were another two days of tough fishing. Saturday we only got 2 eyes. The marks
were there heavy, but the fish were not cooperating at all. Did clean a bunch of lures trying to get
something going.

Thursday November 15, 2007

Fished out of E. 72nd on Wednesday. Started about 6:00pm fished for a few hours then had to get off
when it picked up. Went 5 for 7, but no real big ones. 30' back on shallow divers, boat rod picked one.

Wednesday November 14, 2007

Tuesday night was real, real slow. The Black Chatter Stick got the skunk out and that was it. These are
the slow days that  happen right in the mist of good fishing periods, for whatever reason. These down
days happen every month throughout the fall season. The good thing is that this second wave will be
"Hot & Heavy" and judging by the size quality of fish already pulled there should be some BIG fish
coming up.

Tuesday November 13, 2007

Monday night fished out of Edgewater with D'Arcy Egan and Mark Duncan. Had a great time with two
guy who know their fishing. Started out with a smaller eye and three steelheads. Then the Big Girls
kicked in and we pulled some real nice eyes. All Renosky lures, deep divers on one side, shallow divers
and chatter stick on the other plus two boat rods with deep divers. Every lure pulled its fish and after a
couple of hours of fishing we bagged 7 eyes, three steelheads, dropped one steelhead and had a
couple pull backs. Rain was on and off, but it was well worth getting wet for. One thing for sure, there
are some big fish for the tacking for the upcoming tournament, and they will only get bigger!

Monday November 12, 2007

Edgewater Again! Ended up with some real nice size walleyes. Dropped the biggest one (Estimated 12)
at the boat (out of the net!). Best program were the deep divers, 20' back off the boat rods and 10' to
20' off the boards. Best colors were Renosky Joe Pirates woderbread and chartreuse. Best one of the
night was deep diver Fire-Glo Rainbow Trout.

Sunday November 11, 2007

Fished out of E. 72nd and Edgewater. Top lure of the night was the Joe's Pirate Wonderbread Deep
Diver set as the boat rod 20' back, it got 5 out of the 11 walleyes. The shallow divers worked 20' to 30'
back. Frank and Dave got their limit of nice fish using the same programs!

Saturday November 10, 2007

Friday Night fished Edgewater. Bite started about 7:30pm wit the blues kicking in at 30' to 40' back.
After 10:00 pm the firetiger and wonderbread at 10' to 15' back did the best. The Joe's Pirate deep
diver wonderbread did well off the side at 20' back. Ended up with 10 eyes, had another four pullbacks.
Had three steelheads witch all got off and two took my lures with them!

Friday November 09, 2007

Thursday night fished out of Edgewater. Got there late after 9:30 pm. When we found them we got 4 for
5 real quick. All went on the blues again. Blue Shad Mirror Image 5" shallow 40' back. Blue Shad Joe's
Pirates 5" shallow 30' back. Blue/Orange 5" Fire-Glo 30' back, and Blue Shad Chatter stick hooked two
30' back. The best bite is early, right after dark.

Monday November 05,2007

WAS A BAD DAY! Robert (Bob) Burlingham was part of our group who promotes boating and
fishing here in Cleveland, Ohio. He managed both Edgewater and E. 55th. Marinas, and he
helped us put together this walleye derby tournament coming up this fall, as well as other
tournaments throughout the year that he's done himself. I knew Bob for about seven years, and
he was an excellent boat mechanic, a man of his word, honest. He was a man with visions,
ideas, a plan in life, and when it came time, he got down to it and got it done. Bob was my
Friend! He made a difference in so many good ways for so many people. My thoughts and
prayers go to his family and friends, he will be greatly missed.

Bod Burlington was killed in a car accident Monday morning. May he rest in peace!

Perched north of E. 72nd in 51 fow. Up and down action till way after sundown. Catching perch in the
dark is quite a lot of fun! Did the night bite from 9:30pm to 10:30pm. Only managed one nice size eye on
Deep Diver Joe's Pirates Blue Shad again. 20' off the side of the boat!

Sunday November 04, 2007

Fished E. 72nd again. Did try some day time for about 45 minutes. Deep Diver Renoskys 30' off the
in-lines worked. Mirror Image Black Shad and Joe's Pirates Wonderbread. Switched to shallow divers
after dark. Mirror Image Blue Shad 30' back. But, by far, the best was Joe's Pirate Blue Shad 20' back.
Ended up with 5 gor 8 on walleyes and 2 for 3 on steelheads.

Saturday November 03, 2007

Friday fished out of E. 72nd. Mirror Image Shallow Diver-Blue Shad 20' back. Deep Diver 30' off the
side JOe Pirates Blue Shad and Chartreuse/White.

Wednesday October 31, 2007

E.72. Shallow diver Joe's Pirates Wonderbread and Blue Shad, 30' back. Deep Diver Joe's Pirate,
Chartreuse/Whire and Blue Shad, 25' back, side of boat.

Tuesday October 30, 2007

Fished Edgewater. Fishing did pick up a bit, 3 of 4 on eyes and one stelley, water temp dropped to 57
deg. Mirror Image Shallow Diver-Blue Shad. Joe Pirates Shallow Divers-Wonderbread and Blue Shad.
30' behind the In-Lines. I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!

Monday October 29, 2007

Worked 72nd again. Very, very slow. Only managed three. Mirror Image Deep Diver-Black shad again,
25' off the side of the boat. Joe's Pirate-Blue Shad got two back to back 15' behind the in-line.

Friday October 26, 2007

Fished E. 72nd. Hooked six eyes but only landed three. Off course the bigger ones got away! The two
deep diver flat lines off the sides, 25' back got one each, Mirror Image 5" DD Black Shad and Joe Pirate
5" DD Purplr/Pink. The 5" Shallow Diver Mirror Image-Black Shad got one 15' off the in-line. Ran the 3"
Mirror Image Deep Diver- Chartreuse and hooked three eyes on it, they all got off. Will increase the
hook size next time, that might have been the problem, because the fish fought on top for a while before
they got off.

Thursday October 25, 2007

Did attempt to fish last night behind the break wall at Edgewater, 20 minutes later we realized it was a
bad move so we packed it up. Tonight I checked, there were still 6 foot rogues rolling so we played it
smarter this time. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be OK to fish.
E. 72nd has perfectly stained water for the walleye, if all goes well, the night bite should get going any
Spent the last couple of weeks, together with all the other guys involved, getting this fall tournament
ready. Hopefully you'll get in it, it'll be allot of fun. I will not fish in it, this time, but I'll be putting out the
reports nightly, As soon as the lake lets me ride it, I'll be out there every night.
I'm working to finish the
Night-Trolling-Know-How page in the next few day. Check it out, it's put together
from my own experiences with the night fishing (except the real dumb things), and hopefully it'll be of

Saturday, October 06/2007 & Sunday, October 07/2007

Saturday afternoon fished 60 fow north of the Crib. The bite was steady and we landed 15 walleyes and
one steelhead. Renosky Deep Divers 125 off the big boards, and 40 Jets 75' off the big boards. Speed
2.2 - 2.5 mph.

Sunday, fished the same area from 7: am. First fish came in about 9:00 am, by 12:30 we had 7
walleyes and four steelheads,Sunday
09/30/07 the bite was allot tougher then Saturday. We started as before, and it worked for awhile. We
kept changing, and every time we started catching, but it didn't last. We changed some spoons to 3"
deep divers and we got fish right away, then it stopped. Added 2 oz weights to some deep divers and
Jets, and pulled some more fish. Everything went dead after 12:30 pm. We left around 2:00om.

Sunday September 30, 2007

CRANK BITE IS BACK!!!!!!! Went perching out of Edgewater, tried a few areas but had nothing good
going. Had to use salted minnows since we couldn't find any at the bait shops. About three thirty we
were in 60 fow north of the Crib so we decided to troll for some eyes. The marks were too good to
pass up. Within 10 minutes we picked up our first nice one, then boated a total of nine and a steelhead
in the next couple of hours. Six of the nine came off the Black Mirror Image 5" Deep Diver, 125' off the
big boards. Two eyes came off 40 Jets 75' back, with Mirror Image Spoons/ Rainbow Trout, # 44 3".
One came off a # 3 Dipsey with no ring 100' back with a Mirror Image Spoon/Frog(Green). The
steelhead came of the Jet. The eyes are schooling again in front of Cleveland, marks were 20 to 30 feet
down, and we were running the Renosky 5" Deep Divers about 15' down, same as in the Spring 10'
above the marks.

Monday September 24, 2007

Fished for perch in 48 fow in front of the Crib. Some big, some small, bite spotty at best. The day went
something like this:

Wednesday September 06. 2007

Fished out of Vermilion on the sand bar. Fishing was very, very slow, boated only 7 eyes, but one was
over 10 ;bs. The little Chatter Stick Pulled two, Green Joe's Pirates Spoon had two (lost one), Joe
Pirate 3" deep diver had one, Worm Harnesses had three, also the big fish. 30 Jet with 3 oz 140' back.
Deepseys 3 setting 100 back, 1 setting 65' back. Marked tons of fish off the bottom, but only managed
the few.

Monday September 03, 2007 "Labor Day"

Went north out of Edgewater to 70 fow. 2 to 4 turned into 3 to 5 with white caps. Fishing sucked, 4 of
my crew got sick, so we came back early. Managed only three fish in the short time we fished. One on
Joe's Pirate Shallow Diver/Wonderbread 40' down off the downrigger. Two (one lost) 3" Joe's Pirate
deep diver/rainbow trout 175' back, 30 Jet with 3 oz.

Sunday September 02, 2007

Saturday we went out of Miller Rd. in Avon. Had Mr Renosky on board, and wanted to get into some
smallmouth bass. Due to wave conditions we decided to just go get some walleyes. We set up about 2
miles east of Avon Plant in 45 fow and trolled west. Kept on picking up and moving further west. Did not
get anything but a 17" walleye that we threw back. We made it all the way to the sand bar in front of
Vermilion, and set up troll with the pack of boats. Trolled with the waves for about 1/4 mile then turned
back and did it again. Picked up nine walleyes in about 1 1/2 hours. One 9 lbs on 5" deep diver Joe's
Pirate natural Perch 150' back, and one 8 lbs on 5" Mirror Image Deep Diver/Green 120' back. One
green Chatter Stick got four behind 3 setting dipsey 110' back and blue Joe's Pirate spoon on 1 setting
60' back. We start Picking up fish once we dropped the speed down to 2.0 mph.

Monday August 27, 2007

Fished out of Edgewater, Cleveland. Tried for perch on 47, 57 and 63 fow. Had marks in all three
locations, did not do anything special on the perch, 47' depth south of the crib was better. Set up for
walleye in 63' on the 47' West line, trolling north. Picked up walleye from 63 to about 70 fow, kept going
north to 77 fow but it was getting worst as we went deeper, lots of sheepheads after 70' depth. Turned
west to my usual west line, then turned back south on the 49.6' west line. Started picking up some fish in
this area. For the most part we worked the day with Joe's Pirates Crystalina Spoons, when we were on
fish, they did great, color kept changing throughout the day. When the blue spoon kicked in, we put out a
3" blue Mirror Image deep diver behind a jet, and took fish with it. Deep Diver Joe Pirate Purple/Pink did
good. Dipseys 1 setting 90' to 150', 3 setting 175' to 200'. Jets 30 and 40 with 2 & 3 oz 150' and 175'
off the boards, note the jet & weight set up in some of the pictures. Joe Pirate 5" shallow
diver/Wonderbread off the down rigger worked again!

Monday August 20, 2007

Finally made out on Sunday, boat seams to run good, Saturday cancelled due to waves. Went dead
North out of Edgewater to 72 fow, and trolled North. Ended up with 15-20 eyes and 5-6 steelheads, we
were to soaked to count at the end of the trip, but with 7 people on board we knew we were nowhere
near limits. We started fishing about 10:00 am and quit about 1:00pm. The rain, though light, made it
uncomfortable, with everyone sheltering in the cabin made it feel crowded also. 40 jets with 2 oz, running
Joe Pirates spoons, Mirror Image Spoons (the hot ones of the day was Monkeypuke # 55 - 4"), and 3"
deep diver Mirror Image. Dipsys # 3 setting 180 to 200 feet, 1 ½ setting 150 feet, with same lures.
Downrigger 45' down with 5" shallow diver Joe Pirate Wonderbread. The Chattersticks, I forgot in the
truck. Is fall coming already?

All in all, it was not the day to figure out a program. The light drizzle was enough not to have you put full
rain gear on, yet before you knew it you were soaking wet. Though I didn't feel cold, by the end of the
day my fingers felt numb. The pink deep diver Renosky was the only one that pulled in an eye (a nice
one), but when we pulled lines, three of the deep divers were tangled. With the exception of the deep
divers dead side, the rest of the rods pulled in fish. The best of the day were the Monkeypuke and
Purple Mirror Image spoons, in both # 44-3" and #55-4". We probably would have stayed longer for
more fish, but everyone was miserably wet.

Monday August 13, 2007

Sunday finally went fishing. Me, Brian, Al and Mr. Renosky took my boat out in the morning. Ended up a
disaster, the boat wouldn't go ever 8 mph., back in the shop with it! Ended up hitching a ride with Mike
Blankenship of "Hardwork Charters", and by noon we finally started to fish. We decided to fish the
Renoskys on one side of the boat against other lures of choice. THE RENOSKYS CAME ON TOP IN A
BIG WAY! The new chatter sticks outdid everything else, though the Mirror Image spoons and the 3"
deep divers did quite well. We fished the 49 North line straight out of E. 72nd and by 4:00 pm we boated
20 walleyes and 4 steelheads. The bite was quite tough, though we marked good fish at times, they
were not feeding well at all. Big dipseys, 3.5 setting 180', 2 setting 140', with spoons and 3" deep
divers. 40 and 30 jets with 2 oz weight, 150' off the big boards,with spoons and 3" deep divers. Check
out our Renosky E-Bay store, by the end of the week we will have the # 55 - 4" Joe Pirate's Great
Lakes Trolling spoons for only $ 2.50 each. We will have them in three-pack for $ 7.50 and four-pack for
$ 10.00.

Thursday AUGUST??? 09, 2007

Can't believe I wasn't able to go fishing for three weeks now, and want to say thank you to all of you
who kept visiting here throughout this time!!!! The boat is fixed, sure hope so. Tomorrow, I should have
the trailer brakes done, hope so. Saturday should be able to take the boat out for a test run. Sunday,
Joe Renosky is planning to come fishing. He'll bring the new "CHATTER STICKS" crank baits he's been
working on for over a year. I've been fishing some of the prototypes, and they do one hell of a job, he
also fished them in Canada and a few other places, like he says: "It's like fishing soft plastic, a spoon,
and stickbait all in one. The erratic action drives walleyes crazy". I believe it cause I've seen it. For now,
here are the eight colors of the first line of "CHATTER STICKS" being made:

Thursday July 26, 2007

We worked hard for the last week setting up the Renosky E-Bay store Check it out at the link above.
We will be adding products, available for immediate delivery on a daily basis. The Retailers on top of the
page will still carry the Renosky lures, call them to check for availability, then check the E-bay store.
The fishing out of Cleveland is still going strong, walleye and steelhead, 73 fow and deeper, as far north
as "The Hole" near the Canadian border.

Saturday July 14, 2007

Fished N of Cleveland in 60 to 73 fow. It was rough, good 4 to 6 footers at times. We fished crank baits
fir the most part. Shallow diver 5" Joe Pirates Renoskys behind dipsy divers, # 3 125' back, and down
rigger, 35 to 40 feet down. 3" Renosky Chatter Sticks and 3" Mirror Image deep divers behind Jets,
150' back with 2 oz. Renosky 5" deep divers with 2 oz weight 150' back. Speed didn't matter since we
were half trolling and half drifting. Wonderbread 5" shallow diver off the down rigger 40' down did a
number on the steelheads. We tipped all the crank baits with 1 to 2 inches of nightcrawler on the center
hook or the front on the deep divers, thanks for the tip Conan. The new Mirror Image deep diver - Purple
Tail did well on walleyes and steelheads

Saturday July 07, 2007

Fished north of Cleveland in 67 to 71 fow. Walleye and steelhead action was nonstop. 30 & 40 jets with
2 oz, 150' off the big boards. Dipsy # 3 125' back and # 1 85' back. Biggest trill of the day was a
monster steelhead that took a Wonderbread Joe Pirate shallow diver off the down rigger, 36' deep. We
did not boated it, but it gave us a spectacular show of aerial acrobatics, 20' behind the boat. It bent both
rear treble  hooks (INWARD), and the two prongs on the front treble, that had the hook up were straight
as an arrow, it was every bit of 36". The best lure of the day was the Mirror Image # 55 spoon, Blue
Chartreuse Cooper Belly. We only put it out in the last 1 1/2 hour of the trip but it hooked 3 steelheads,
four walleyes and countless other fish of the lake, it would not stay in the water for more then 5 minutes
without getting taken!

Friday July 06, 2007

NW of the Crib in 67 fow. Walleyes and Steelhead. Same program with jets, dipsys, and Renosky deep
divers. h\Had to deal with allot, allot of white bass, but well worth it.

Wednesday 4TH. OF JULY, 2007:

Fished out of Edgewater. Caught some fish in 40, 45 fow SW of the crib, but it really got going in about
55 fow NE of the Crib. Best programs: 30 jets with 2 oz weights 140' back. Renosky deep divers with 2
oz weights 157' back. Dipsy # 3 setting 120', and #0 setting 50'. Used Renosky spoons for jets and
dipsys, # 55 and # 66.
COLOR - NATURAL will be in by next week. Awesome lure!

Saturday June 30, 2007

Got our 18 walleyes in 40 to 45 fow in front of Edgewater form 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Then went looking
for steelhead. Trolled north pass the Crib to 65 fow, then went west and back south. Hooked 5
steelheads in 65 fow and landed 2, caught and released another 25 walleyes. Renosky deep divers with
2 oz weight in front of the leader, 100' back, Joe Pirates Wonderbread & Black/Silver, Mirror Image Pink
& Perch. 40 jets with 2oz in front of it, 100' & 75' back, using Renosky Mirror Image and Joe Pirates
spoons. Big Dipseys with Renosky Spoons # 3 setting 60' to 125' back, and # 1 setting 35' to 60' back.

Thursday June 24, 2007

Went north out of Edgewater to about 68 fow, with Larry and Dan ("Wrong-Way", now I know why,
LOL). Did not find any big fish but we got real busy once we found them, had doubles, triples, even four
on at the same time! Best program was 40 jets with 2oz in front of it, 100' & 75' back, using Renosky
Mirror Image and Joe Pirates spoons. Renosky deep divers with 2 oz weight in front of the leader, 100'
back, Wonderbread was real hot.  Big dipsy, 3 setting, 60' back, using Mirror Image spoons. The Joe
Pirate spoon was # 55 (3") Firetiger. The Mirror Image spoons were # 55 (3") & # 66 (4") Copper back:
Watermelon, Monkeypuke, Blue-Orange. Silver Back: Black, Rainbow trout, Chartreuse and Purple.

Monday June 25, 2007

Have not fished since Saturday. We have been fortunate to still be able to catch plenty of walleyes
within only a few miles off shore, all down the southern coast of Lake Erie. For those looking for big
walleyes and steelhead out of Cleveland, I want to share some of the areas I had success in for the last
few years. For the following few weeks, to middle of July, these areas are:

N 41 38 44.6 - W 81 43 29.5 - This area is a dumping ground surrounded by gravel bottom W-SW, sand
bottom S-SE-E. Had great success here last part of June, beginning of July. Numbers of walleyes with
some real nice size ones.

N 41 40 59.4 - W 81 50 11.5 to N 41 46 05.05 - W 81 49 56.8 - This area has been a great producer of
big walleyes and steelhead from end of June to mid July

Lorain-Vermilion sand bars are holding good numbers of walleyes throughout July, August, ans

Nice size perch can be found in 50 to 60 fow north of Cleveland throughout July and August.

Saturday June 23, 2007

Started at 6:00 am in 40 fow. Picked up the first fish right off the bet on #1 setting, big dipsey, 40' back.
Until about 10 am we picked them up in 40 to 50 fow. 40 jets 100' back with Joe pirates spoons, and
Renosky deep divers 125' back. GPS speed: whatever it took to beat the waves. After about 10:00 am
we started to get slammed by white bass an everything we had out. We decided to go N, and ended up
in 63 fow. By the way, there are a few nets out there, a couple of miles N of the Crib. We added 2 oz
weights to the jets and deep divers and picked up a few more walleyes. Lake died down and our GPS
speed was 2.5 to 2.8 mph. Had a nice steelhead on  a Renosky Mirror Image, Black Shad deep diver,
but it got away, left some flash on the hooks.
In the afternoon, stayed in closer in 40 to 59 fow. Jet 40 100' back, and Renosky deep divers, 125'
back. Best bite was in 40 fow and less. Ended the night about 9:00 pm in 32 fow in front of Lakewood
Park, with doubles and triples coming in. Dipseys 3 setting 70' back and 1 setting, 30' back were also
doing fish.
Fish were being caught all day from 40 to 60+ fow, from Rocky to Eastlake

Friday June 22, 2007

Fished Friday Afternoon out of Edgewater/Cleveland. Stayed west, south-west of the crib in 45 to 51
fow. Started to pull fish as soon as we set up our third rod. We ended up 50 for 45, and released 2
more at the end as we picked up rods. Best program was 40 jets, 100 back with Renosky, Joe Pirates
and Mirror Image spoons. The Renosky deep divers also worked 100' back. The bog dipseys with Joe
Pirates shallow divers, # 3 setting 80' back, and # 1 setting 40' back. Best GPS speed was 2.5 - 2.8

Monday June 18, 2007

Monday night fished Edgewater in Cleveland with my brother visiting from Louisiana. Set up troll just SW
of the Crib and it only took us 1 1/2 hours to get our twelve walleyes using only four rods. Renosky deep
divers 100' back and 40 jets 100' back with Renosky Joe Pirates small spoons. Everything took off once
we sped up to 2.7 - 3.0 mph GPS. Spent another couple of hours gauging the depth dive for the
Renoskys. Will post it tomorrow as we have it.

Saturday June 16, 2007

Fished the Edgewater tournament on Russ's team - Steel-n-eyes. Fished between Grand River and
Eastlake power plant in 55 to 63 fow. The big walleyes were there the day before but not so on
Saturday, we only managed two decent size eyes with plenty of smaller ones. The three steelheads we
hooked got off. Best programs were Renosky deep divers (big fish) 75' back, jets 20, 30 & 40 50' back,
big dipseys 60' to 80' # 2 setting. Real beautiful day on the lake and had a great day fishing with Russ.
Dave and Brad. Nice size walleyes and steelhead are found in 68 to 70 fow north of Cleveland.

Friday June 15, 2007

Friday, fished out of Avon again. Before noon, fished just west of Avon, 10 to 45 fow. Got one bigger
walleye and a few smaller ones. Lots of "junk fish" and small mouth bass. Renosky deep divers pulled
fish 40' of the big boards.
Afternoon fished west of Vermilion around the 30;14 line. Allot of fish there. Renoskys deep divers 100'
back and 40 jets 50' back did very, very well. Nice size walleyes and one steelhead. Cleveland area is
still holding allot of walleyes.

Thursday June 14, 2007

Fished out of Avon all the way to Vermilion. Trolled in 50 to 35 fow. Caught most fish on the Renosky
deep diver 75' to 150' off the big boards. 1.5 to 2.4 mph, GPS. All colors took turns catching, depending
on the time of day.

Wednesday June 13, 2007

Wednesday, fished out of Edgewater from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Best area was W-SW of the Crib from
40 to 50 fow and towards the Gold Coast. The deep diver Renoskys took off right off the bet at 75' off
the big boards, we had four fish on them before we even set all the Renoskys out. The 40 jets 50' off
the boards also did real well. GPS speed 2.3 to 2.6 mph. The walleyes seem to still hang in fairly close,
with good numbers below 50 fow to as shallow as 20 fow. We ended up with our limit of 30 fish, with
some nice size ones. Check out our picture link above.

Monday June 11,2007

Over the weekend the walleye fishing went well.

Saturday morning fished just south east of the crib in 40 to 50 fow. Boated 16 and lost about eight.
Renosky deep divers 75' off the big boards and # 40 jets 50' off the big boards. 2.0 to 3.5 mph GPS.

Saturday afternoon, went to the morning spot, but the fish moved. We found them south west of the crib
46 to 50 fow. The presentation also changed, what worked was the Renosky deep divers 100' off the
big boards and the # 40 jets 75' off the boards, same speed. Boated 17 walleyes.

Sunday evening went out with Lisa, owner of Frank's bait shop on Berea Rd. & Madison. Found the
walleyes west of the crib in 50+ fow. Renosky deep divers 75' back and # 40 jets 30' off the big boards,
From about 8;00 pm to dark we boated 13 walleyes, then they shut down. Lisa also runs the concession
stand at Edgewater Park in front of the fishing pier. Besides all your tackle needs, they also provide a
variety of food and snacks. They open at 7:00 am and they provide everything needed for a fishing trip.
Yes, they also have the Renosky Lures.

Shines and Erie Outfitters also got a fresh supply of Renosky Deep Divers!

Thursday June 07, 2007

Fished with Joe Renosky between the stadium and E. 55th in 30 to 50 fow. Tough bite but we did
manage 3 men limit of 18 walleyes. Renosky deep divers 75' off the big boards. Also caught 6 or 7
sheep heads. A few big walleyes were mixed in with the smaller ones. 0 dipsey 50' back on 0 setting
worked with spoons and shallow divers Renosky lures.

Wednesday June 06, 2007

Went out with my buddy Frank and a few more friends, on Franks boat. Trolled out of E. 55th to the crib
and back from 5:30 pm to about 9:30 pm, in 46 to 50 fow. We  got our limit of 30 walleyes. 40 jets with
spoons, 50' off the big boards, and Renoskys 5" deep divers, 75' back. 2.0 to 2.5 mph GPS.

Sunday June 03, 2007

Fished out of Edgewater. Trolled Renosky deep divers 75' off the big boards and had our limit of 30
walleyes from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. Ran a mix of Mirror Image, Fire-Glos & Joe Pirates, they all pulled in
fish. Had a dry spell from about 11:30 am to about 1:00 pm, then we got our last ticket by 1:30 pm. 2,0
to 2,5 mph GPS speed

Saturday June 02, 2007

Fished out of Edgewater. Caught fished from 30 to 50 fow with the big fish in close. Trolled Renosky
deep divers 75' off the big boards and had our limit of 30 walleyes from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Renosky
Fire Glo Green/Chartreuse and Joe Pirates Firetiger pulled in the big fish of the day, 30+. Mirror Image
Perch, Chartreuse, & Pink were tops on numbers. 2,0 to 2,5 mph GPS speed

The Eat Me Spoon go one nice fish! Big Deepsea # 3 50' back.

Friday June 01, 2007

Fished with "Bush Pusher" & company out of Edgewater this morning, with most fish caught just south of
the Crib. We found a pocket of fish south west of the Crib and we fished it north to south from 30 to 48
fow, towards the end we ran into some more fish just south east of the Crib in 48 fow. Got our six men
limit of 36 walleyes from about 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. Best program was Renoskys deep divers, 75' off
the big boards, 2.0 to 2.5 mph GPS. Also got some fish using the size 0 deepsea with Mirror Image
Spoons & the Eat Me spoon (Private Stock), # 1 Setting 50' and # 3 setting 80' worked best. The night
bite in the east end of the lake is going well using shallow divers in shallow water, in tight!


Renosky Mirror Image Perch, Walleye & Pink, also the Fire Glo Rainbow Trout

The EAT ME spoon got several hits, but did not hold on to any of them!

Thursday May 31, 2007

Wednesday, pulled 24 walleyes from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm pulling deep diver Renoskys, 75' of the big
boards, 2.0 to 2.0 mph GPS. Worked west of the crib in 48 to 42 fow.  Mirror Image Pink, Black Shad,
and Chartreuse were the top producers.

Wednesday May 30, 2007

Tuesday evening fished out of Edgewater. Set up lines around 7:00 pm in 48 fow just east of the Crib,
trolled west with the waves to about 40 fow in front of Rockey River. Used Renosky deep divers 75' off
the big boards, 1.8 to 2.2.GPS speed. By 9:30 pm we had 21 walleyes in the boat and lost about five,
all the colors worked non stop. Deapsea # 3 setting, 50' back with 3" shallow diver Renoskys also pulled
fish. After dark we switched to in-line boards, deep diver Renosky on one side; 10', 20' & 30' back, and
shallow diver Renoskys on the other; 10', 20' & 30' back. Had one pull back on the 30' shallow, and
hooked about seven more, before we managed to boat three more, off the deeps in about 18 fow.

Tuesday May 29, 2007

On Monday, I took the family out for a few hours. Fished for walleyes in the same area as we did on
Sunday, it was much slower and by the time they started to turn on we had to leave. Boated eight and
lost just as many. Renoskys deep divers 75' off the big boards this time. We started with them 175',
150' & 125' back, thinking that it was a sunny clear day, not cloudy as on Sunday, so they will be
deeper. Did not get any until we lifted some up to 75' back. Since it was for fun, I left four rods at 125'
back and had only one side, four others, at 75' back, just to see if it will make a difference. We had all
of our 16 fish hit the 75' back and did not have one pull back on the 125' back, on Sunday the 125' back
was a killer. Guys by the Gold Coast were getting them 25' back off the small in-line boards. It goes to
show how important every little detail is, and that not everything you'd think you know is the way it is!!!!!!
I would have bet money, that on clear sunny days they would be deeper then on cloudy days, Between
Monday and Sunday it was just the opposite. Just as the concept to go deeper, the concept to actually
go much shallower can be used successfully.

Monday May 28, 2007

Sunday, four of us perched in 28 fow in front of the Gold Coast. We got our limit of perch from 10:00 am
to about 3:00 pm. After we went for walleyes. Set up troll in about 45 fow in front of the Gold Cost and
headed east. Set the first Renosky Mirror Image Chartreuse deep diver 125' off the big boards on th
port side. Set another on the starboard side 75' back. The 125' back already had one on. Eventually we
ended up setting all the deep divers at 125' back. We trolled east about 2 miles past the crib in 45 to 48
fow. We picked fish steady and had about eight by the time we decided to turn back. About a mile east
of the crib we decided to turn north and aim for deeper waters. When we passed 49 fow all hell broke
lose, rods started popping left and right. Even the deapseas went crazy, by this time we had them set at
40' back on # 3 and 30' back on # 2. At one point we had three rods go off on port side and two on
starboard side, at the same time, went to mark a way point but it was already there from about the
same time in 2005. When we got into 50 fow, we picked up some BIG WALLEYES. Boated an 11
pounder and quite a few eights. I knocked my first walleye, ever, off with the net, the biggest one of the
day! All the deep divers produced fish with Mirror Image perch tops on numbers, but the Fire Glo deep
diver Rainbow Trout hooking the biggest fish of the day, one we boated, and one OOPS! Behind
deapseas we had Mirror Image Spoons and shallow Joe Pirates Wonderbread and Chartreuse. GPS
speed was 1.8 to 2.2 mph. By 8:30 pm we boated our 24th walleye and pulled lines. As we pulled lines,
we took another 5-6 walleyes that we put back in, one was a 9 pounder, but since we had the fish on
ice it was no way to upgrade, so we kissed it goodbye and let it go. All In all, a day to remember!

Sunday May 27, 2007

Saturday night, fished out of Edgewater, same program and area as Friday worked again with the
Renoskys deep and shallow divers. The dipsea also picked fish, # 3 setting 50', and # 2 setting 25' with
Mirror Image spoons.

Saturday May 26, 2007

Friday night fished out of Edgewater. Set up in 40 fow in front of the stadium, start catching them right
off the bet. Renosky deep diver mirror Image Chartreuse took 4 and lost one before we even finished
setting up all the rods, 50' back from in-line boards. The the Mirror Image deep divers Walleye, Black
Shad and Perch kicked in, same set up 50' back. After dark did real well east and west of, and by the
mouth of the Cuyahoga, 30' back using Renosky Joe Pirates shallow diver, Wonderbread, Firetiger, and
Chartreuse. Also shallow divers Mirror Image in Chartreuse and Black Shad.

Friday May 25, 2007

Thursday night, started fishing around 5:30pm out of Edgewater, Cleveland. Got into a good pocket of
fish just east of the Crib in 48 fow. Renosky deep divers Fire Glo Rainbow Trout, and Pink/Purple. Joe
Pirate deep diver Wonderbread, Rainbow Trout, and Black & Silver. Mirror Image Black Shad, Walleye,
and Perch. All deep divers worked at 75' off the big boards. Big Dipseas with Mirror Image Spoons and
Chatter Sticks. 7-' at 3 setting and 50' ad 2 setting. 2.00 mph GPS speed.
Night bite just east of the river in 32 fow. Renosky shallow divers 10' to 30' off the in-line boards. Joe
Pirates Wonderbread, and Chartreuse. Mirror Image Chartreuse and Black Shad. Time to work 35 to 40
fow in front of the Eastlake Power Plant for BIG FISH, always got big fish there this time of year up to
mid June. Deep diver 75' to 125' off the big boards. Call Ron at Northcoast Bev. & Tackle. Also,
walleyes are being caught all along the southern shore, so have fun!

Thursday May 24, 2007

Wednesday night fished in front of the stadium in 38+ fow after 7:30 pm. Caught some walleyes running
Renosky Mirror Image deep divers 50' to 150' behind small in-lines. The night bite went well all in front of
Edgewater from the river westward to the beach. We kept running into pockets of fish throughout the
area. All Renosky shallow divers worked 10' to 40' behind small in-lines. The deep diver Renosky Mirror
Image/Chartreuse did real well 15' off the side of the boat.  Walleyes are being caught day or night time
all the way up east as far as Fairport

Wednesday May 23, 2007

Tuesday night, fished east of Cuyahoga. Got there late, almost 9:00 pm. Tried some deep divers 100'
back, but only managed a sheep head, it was already dark. Switched to the night program, Renosky
Joe Pirates shallow divers 30' back worked and the 3" chatter sticks, 50' back. Speed was 1.7 - 2.00
mph GPS. Also fished up the river and behind the brake wall, did good there too. Boated 10 walleyes
and lost a few more by midnight. After midnight we kept getting short strikes or dropping them.
The day time worked well for those that got there earlier, from the stadium eastward. Spoons worked.

Monday May 21, 2007

Sunday, fished out of Edgewater Cleveland. Caught fish in front of the stadium in 38 to 42 fow, to bad
we couldn't keep that line east to west because of the north winds and 2-4 foot waves with occasional
six footer. Renosky deep divers, Joe Pirates Purple/Pink and Mirror Image Pink and Perch, 125' off the
big boards. Mirror Image spoons work well also, behind big Dipseas #3 setting 70' back (pulled an 11
pounder), also behind 30 Jets 100' off the big boards. The Renosky 3" Chatter Sticks also pulled fish
behind 30 Jets 100' off the big boards and behind big Dipseas, # 1 1/2 setting 40' back. After dark, we
did the night program behind the brake wall from the river to Edgewater. Pulled a few more fish with
another big 10 pounder. 10' behind the board worked best, Renosky Joe Pirates Wonderbread,
Chartreuse, and Purple/Pink, also the 3" Chatter Sticks. The Chatter Sticks a pretty much ready. Ended
up with nice size fish, some good 6, 7 and 8 pounders plus the 10 and 11 pounders, a few smaller fish

Thursday May 17, 2007

Wednesday night fished Edgewater/Cleveland. Trolled straight out of the marina westward, as soon as
we got into 30 fow we started picking them up. Renosky shallow divers 30' behind the board, Joe
Pirates Firetiger was top lure of the night. From 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm we had 15 fish in the boat, staying
in 30 to 37 fow, by this time we got to just east of the "W" building. We kept trolling west to the
Lakewood reefs and back, took us another hour and 15 minutes, and we only got three more. Looks like
the best area was in 30+ fow, in front of the Gold Coast and eastward.

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Monday night fished Edgewater/Cleveland. Started at 5:00pm in 40 fow straight out of Edgewater and
headed east. Trolled to in front of the stadium and back towards the Gold Cost. Picked eight nice fish in
the deeper water, all 6-8 lbs. Deep Diving Renoskys 50' to 125' back at 1.7 to 2.0 mph, GPS. After dark
we did the best in 30 fow in front of Edgewater. Shallow Divers Renoskys 30' back, same speed.
Smaller Fish in closer but good numbers. The guys casting off the rocks did good both at Edgewater
and E. 72nd.

Monday May 14, 2007

Sunday night fished Edgewater/Cleveland from 10:30pm to about 1:00 am. Boated our 12 and had
another 6-7 pullbacks. Shallow divers 10' behind the board in 31 fow worked the best. Renosky Joe
Pirates and Mirror Images. Also got some on the deep divers, flat lines 20' off the side of the boat, Joe
Pirates Purple/Pink and Chartreuse. The guys casting off the rocks at Edgewater towards the beach
end did real well also.

Sunday May 13, 2007

Saturday night we went out around 10:00 pm. The lake kicked up again and was not fishable. We
decided to fish behind the brake wall, west of the river. Ended up with 6 fish in the boat, but had about
20 hook ups. Renosky shallow divers, 30' back. All the colors we used hooked fish.

Saturday May 12, 2007

Friday night, fished Edgewater again. Day time everything worked, all Renoskys deep divers 50'-125'
back. We hit the mother load in 32 fow, 9 out of 10 rods within 500 feet of trolling, one ended up being a
sheaphead. Turned to go back on the spot but The Goodtimes cruising ship decided to go right over the
area, by the time we got back on it all the fish were spooked. After dark we used the shallow diver
Renoskys, 30' back, but later when we shortened the leads to 10' behind the board we boated 13
walleyes within 45 minutes.

I just checked the lake around 6:30pm, they are calling for 3' to 5' waves. The waves are 3' foot or less,
I might end up going after all!

Friday May 11, 2007

Thursday night fished Edgewater/Cleveland. Renosky deep divers Mirror Image Pink, 100' back.
Renosky shallow divers Joe Pirates Wonderbread, Chartreuse, Purple/Pink, and Firetiger. 30' back

Thursday May 10, 2007

Fished Edgewater/Cleveland again. Fishing was very steady. Day program in 30 to 40 fow: Renosky
deep divers Mirror Image Purple, Pink and Black Shad, also Joe Pirate deep diver Chartreuse; 50' to
123' back, 1.7 mph, GPS. Night program in 7 to 20 fow: Renosky shallow divers Joe Pirates
Wonderbread, Chartreuse, Purple/Pink, and Firetiger. 30' back 1.7 mph, GPS.
East Lake is holding some bigger fish, call Ron at North Coast Beverage for the local Info there.

Wednesday May 09, 2007

Tuesday night was fast and furious at Edgewater, got 12 in about 1 1/2 hours. Renosky Mirror Image
Chartreuse and Black Shad, Fire Glo Green/Chartreus, Joe Pirates Purple/Pink, Wonderbread and Blue
Shad. All shallow divers 30' off the board, 1.4 to 1.8 mph.

Sunday May 06, 2007

Walleyes are still being caught casting out of E. 72nd.

Thursday May 03, 2007

Tuesday night fished Edgewater, ended up with 14 boated and about 5 lost, smaller fish but good
action, bigger fish were taken in front of the Gold Coast. We had good catches by the mouth of the
Cuyahoga and from the marina entrance to the beach, in front of the rocks. Used Renoskys shallow
divers 30' back, all colors used worked, including deep divers Renosky's Joe Pirates Wonderbread and
Mirror Image Chartreuse and Green, 20' back, flat-lined.

Wednesday night fished E. 72nd. Got 11, lost 3. Some nice fish including a 10 punder. Same program
Renoskys shallow divers 30' back, all colors used worked again.

The night bite is still going good Huron, Vermilion, Lorain, Cleveland. Also it has started east of
Cleveland. Neff Road and Eastlake are producing catches, casting and boating. Do call the local bait
shops listed above for the up to date info before you go out.

Monday April 30, 2007

Sunday night, fished Edgewater, went 10 for 13 with the big getting off, figures! Renosky's Joe Pirates
Firetiger and Mirror Image Chartreuse were the hot ones, also Fire-Glo Blue/Orange. Put out a Chatter
Stick and got three on that one. Fish are still being taken off the rocks both Edgewater and E. 72nd, but
it has been a late bite for the last few days. Lorain is also doing well, boat and casting

Saturday April 28, 2007

Friday night, fished E. 72nd. Late bite, first fish came in about 10:00pm. Ended up with 15 nice fish and
lost a few. Renosky's Joe Pirates Firetiger and Mirror Image Green were the hot ones again, also some
came on the Joe Pirates Wonderbread. 30' back leads worked again. Checked out the lake today, E.
72nd is all muddied up from the Cuyahoga but Edgewater is clean and fishable from the Gold Coast
east in front of the Cuyahoga. Bigger fish there are caught right in front of the rocks, eastward towards
Cuyahoga and east of the Cuyahoga around the east light house. From the beach to the Gold Coast,
smaller fish caught in tight and some bigger ones deeper in 15' to 25' of water.

Friday April 27, 2007

Fished Edgewater Thursday night, after the storm about 9:30pm to midnight when another storm turned
up. Got 10 eyes and lost two. Renosky's Joe Pirates Firetiger and Mirror Image Green were the hot
ones. 30' behind the boards worked. GPS speed 1.4 to 1.6 mph. Big fish are being caught casting off
the rocks Edgewater, E. 72nd and Lorain. Frank's Tackle started to carry the Renosky's also, he also
has a convenient location right by Edgewater fishing pier besides the one on Madison Ave.

Tuesday April 24, 2007

Didn't fish Monday, weather man said it was going to be bad, he was dead wrong. E. 72nd. in Cleveland
was real good for the casters Monday night, almost everyone limited out. Tuesday night fished the area
from 8:30 pm to about midnight. Got our twelve and had another 7 pull backs. Word is they are caught
all along the southern shore, even east of Cleveland. I've been doing good on Renosky Joe Pirates,
Fire-Glos and Mirror Image 30' back on shallow divers. Pretty much all colors work. Day time I use the
same lure in Deep Divers 50' to 175' back, it varies daily.

Sunday April 22, 2007

Fished E 72nd. Day time caught four, 100' & 50' back on Renosky Mirror Image Deep Divers, Perch and
Purple. Night time caught 10 and lost 4. Renosky Mirror Image and Joe Pirates shallow divers, 30' back,
Fire Tiger and Purple/Pink worked well in The Pirates. Perch, Orange and Black Shad worked well in the
Mirror Image. Also noticed that after midnight the bite shuts down.

Saturday April 21, 2007

Fished E. 72nd. Day time caught three, 175' & 150' back on Renosky Mirror Image Deep Divers, Perch
and Purple. Night time caught 8 and lost one. Renosky Mirror Image, Fire-Glo and Joe Pirates shallow
divers, 30' back all colors worked.

Friday April 20, 2007

The Spring bite is on! Cleveland, Lorain, Vermilion walleyes are caught casting and trolling at night.
Fished out of Lorain on Friday, got eleven eyes. 30' back on Renosky Mirror Image, Fire Glo's and Joe
Pirates, all colors worked!

Wednesday April 18, 2007

Walleyes are caught off the rocks at Lorain. Chances are Edgewater should also produce, but no one is
out there.

Tuesday April 10, 2007

Fished with Russ out of Edgewater. Had two hookups about 7:30 pm close to the West Light House,
only boated one. One came on the Blue-Orange Renosky Fire -Glo deep diver 75' back, one came on
Pink, Renosky Mirror Image deep diver 125' back. It was still day light and the fish came on the deep
divers. After dark we had another hook up towards the beach, but lost it. Shallow diver, Renosky Mirror
Image Black Shad.

By the end of next week we should be in full swing with the walleye fishing out of Cleveland.