FishCrazy Charters' Lake Erie Cleveland Fishing
Reports Spring 2008
Sunday March 30,2008

Our Cleveland Spring Walleye season is just two weeks away! Will get the boat in next week and
get her ready for a very promising season. Just got a shipment of Renoskys 5" shallow divers.
All the good colors are available, including the Joe Pirates Wonderbread.

THE 5" CHATTER STICK ARE IN! All eight colors. They look good, feel good, and as the
prototypes they will be one hell of a stick! Looking forward to putting them to the test.


Saturday April 12, 2008

We're having a Fish Crazy Spring Derby Happy Hour and Registration
Wed. April 16, 2008.
At East 55th Street Marina, address 5555 North Marginal Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Phone

Start time about 6:00 PM at the Bar.

Very few walleyes have been taken off the rocks at Edgewater Park; the beach end

Tuesday April 15, 2008

Fished out of Edgewater. Water was loaded with debrys so we had to move further out.
Managed the first walleye of the season off of the boat rod in 34 fow. 20' back on a 5" deep
diver Mirror Image-Natural. 1.1 to 1.3 mph. Water temp was 47 to 49 degrees. As the water
warms up, the fishing will get even better, by the weekend it should be much better, just in time
for the spring derby.

Thursday April 17, 2008

Fished out of Edgewater. Had one on and a pull back on the 5" Chatter Stick Blue Shad- 10'
behind the boards. Did get one in the boat on the 5" Mirror Image - Black Shad - shallow diver -
15' back.

Friday April 18, 2008

Went out of Lorain. Lake was capping east of the river so we tried west. Later lake went down
so we made it on the east side by 9:30 pm. Boated 6 eyes and one steelhead. The boat rod
saved the day with four takers. 20' back with deep diver Mirror Image-Black Shad. The Blue
Chatter Stick boated two, 10' behind the board. Also had two other pull backs. Two of the eyes
were BIG!

Saturday April 19, 2008


Sunday April 20, 2008

Started with a BANG! Walt got the BIG ONE - will weigh it for the Derby. Still 1.5 mph. Glass
Perch & Clown. Black & Silver. 20' back was best. Boat rod 20' back with Black Shad.

Monday April 21, 2008

Water temperature dropped to 45 degrees. The lake just turned and the fish are scattered.
Picked up 7 eyes. Nothing consistent. 10 to 40 feet back. All on different color and type of lure.
Everything worked and nothing did!

Tuesday April 22, 2008

Fished Cleveland again. Started with a flurry, but the first seven hits either were short or didn't
stay on. Non stop action and eventually we ended up 10 for 20, 4 to 7 lbs range. Then we went
looking for the BIG ONES. We found what we wanted, BIG, HUGE MARKS. They were not
active, went over them a few times, no results. Change some lures, speed, nothing. The all hell
broke lose. 10 pound + walleyes were coming in one after the other. Boated 5 more big ones,
then they just stopedBest colors were clown, chartreuse and perch. 10 feet and 30 feet back
worked. Best speed 1.4 to 1.7 mph GPS.

Word of advice for those in the tournament: STAY ON THE BIG MARKS!   

Saturday April 27, 2008

Fished E. 72nd last night. All the fish came right at sundown. Deep divers 25' to 100' off the
in-line boards and some shallow divers using the night program 10' to 50' back. Nothing after

Monday April 28, 2008

Sunday fished the front bake wall again. Took four off the deep divers, 50' and 75' off the big
boards. Took two more after dark, 30' back off the in-lines. Marks were real good after dark, but
the fish were staying low, on the way back, they were gone!

Wednesday April 30, 2008

Got into some BIG FISH by the stadium and the Cuyahoga River. Went 5 for 8. Deep Divers
30' back during the day. Shallows and Deeps 10' back after dark. Chartreuse, Wonderbread &
Firetigers worked best.

Thursday May 01, 2008

Taught Fishing! Water Temp 50 deg. NE Winds 10-15 mph, then strong S-Se winds late. Waves
good 2 to 4. Fishing SUCKED!

Friday May 02, 2008

Another "DUD" Got one and lost one right off, from 5:00pm to 5:30pm. Then rain and winds,
and more winds. Trolled till 11:00 pm with nothing happening. Water Temp. 51 deg. S winds 15
to 20 mph.

Monday May 05, 2008

Last night was another tough bite. Water temp 52-56 deg. Light winds; N, NE, E, SE, S.

Tuesday May 06, 2008

Monday Night; water temp 57 deg, light S winds, Waves flat. Fishing BAD. 5" Deep Diver
Renosky Mirror Image-Green 100' back took one fish during day light. 3" Deep Diver Mirror
Image Chartreuse 30' back and HJ-12 Glass Green Perch took two more late after 11:00 pm.

Wednesday May 07, 2008

Night fishing was bad again. Water temp 55 deg, light S SE winds. Day time pulled three fish,
one about 30". 30 Jets with worm harnesses, 75' off the big boards. 1.4-1.6 mph. 40 fow.

Thursday May 08, 2008

Last night went 4 for 5. Water temp 56 deg. SW winds 15-20 mph. Trolling speed 1.5-2.0 mph.
Best colors were the clowns, chartreuse/white, and white lures. Renoskys and HJ-14. Allshallow
divers, all after dark.

Friday May 09, 2008

Found a good spot and hooked 4 within an hour. Got two in the boat, one didn't stay on for long,
one we had all the way in but we are looking for a new "NET GUY", the one we had needs more
practice!!! Water temp 54 deg. Light E winds, then picked up from NE. Renosky Joe
PiratesChartreuse/white and Renosky Mirror image Chartreuse. HJ-14 Glass Clown. No Jay,
they were not big enough, though my son worked hard for it. I'm holding two fish, one should
have been netted, but Frank had his mind on other things!

Sunday May 11, 2008

Still tough fishing. Water temp 54 - 59 deg. Wind N-NE 15 mph. Worked hard for four eyes. 30'
back Renosky and HJ.

Friday May 16, 2008

Last Tuesday Fished day time. Harnesses 30 jets, 75 ' off big boards. Went 3 for 6Evening,
shallow divers, 30' off in-lines. Went 7 for 11

Saturday May 17, 2008

Friday evening, water temp 56-58 deg. Light N Winds, 1-2 foot waves..Fishing was slow, went 4
for 6. Renosky Joe Pirates Chartreuse/white, 30' back. HJ-Blue/Orange 30' back. 20+ mph.
Friday Night, S-SW winds to 12 mph. Found an active pocket of fish that remained for most of
the night. Boated 18, and had numerous pull back. Renosky Wonderbread, Chartreuse/White 10'
back. HJ blue/Orange. 10' and 30' off the in-lines. Green Mirror Image Deep Diver Green did
good of the boat Rod, 15'25' back.

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Tuesday evening, water temp 56-57 deg. Light west winds, then stronger west then NW. 10'
behind the in-lines, shallow divers Joe Pirates and the home made lures made by Goolies. Deep
diver boat rods, Mirror Image Green, Perch and Black Shad. 20' back. Went 7 for 10.

Saturday May 23, 2008

Fishing still tough. Water Temp 58.7. Light N winds, then stronger. 1' waves building to 2-3 feet.
Day time, Renosky Deep divers 125 and 100 feet off the big boards. Night time Renosky
shallow divers 1- and 40 feet of the in-lines. Green color lures did better, also Wonderbread and
Chartreuse and white. Went 3 for 5 daytime, 2 for 4 night time.

Sunday May 25, 2008

Last night fished Edgewater. Water temp 60 deg. Light N winds, Then stronger N-NE. Day time
pulled three past the Crib in 50 to 52 fow. Dipsy # 3 setting 60' back with worm harness. Deep
Diver Joe Pirate and watermelon spoon 150'-big boards. At night the Renosky Joe Pirate
Shallow Wonderbread, 40' off the in-lines was on fire, got 12 more after dark with three 8
pounders mixed in. Speed 2.0 mph.

Monday May 26, 2008

Sunday fished all day and night. Water temp 58 deg. Variable light winds. perched until 1:00 pm.
Not to much action for us. Started trolling for walleyes, nothing worked. Pulled one eye. Sunday
evening started with the big boards. Pulled some fish right before sunset. Sunday evening much,
much better. Renosky Joe Pirates Wonderbread and chartreuse/White, 40' from in-line, 2.00

Friday May 30, 2008

Wednesday 05/28/08, fished out of Edgewater, 50+ fow. Water temp 58 deg. Strong NE winds,
had 406 foot waves, waited till they got down to 305 foot before we went out. Lake laid down
nice after. Only pulled two fish. Small one on harness 50/50. 9 lbs eye came on 5" chatter stick
50/50 set up with 3 oz. Speed 1.7 - 2.0 mph.

Thursday morning, 05/29/08, fished same area as last night. Water temp 58 deg. Slow winds
with no waves. Fishing was not good. Only boated four and lost one. They came on Renosky
Deep Divers 125' off big boards, spoons on three-way set up with the deep divers, and
harnesses 50/50 with 3 oz. Speed 1.7 - 2.0 mph.

Thursday afternoon went back where we just got fish on the AM trip. Ended up switching to all
harnesses 50/50 with 2 & 3 oz off the big boards. Got six with a big one getting away. Biggest
in the boat 30+ inches

Sunday June 08, 2008

Due to my work schedule. I'm finishing up a 3600 SF rehab/extention on my Adult Group Home,
and I will not be able to do any fishing trips during the week for the next 6 weeks. I will be doing
trips on Sundays, walleye, perch or combos depending on requests. Also price may vary as the
fish move further out. I will be posting some reports to keep the info going, but it will be
hear-say, from the info I will be getting.

The night bite has actually been better for the last week in front of Edgewater/Goldcoast. The
perch are doing good 25 to 40 fow from Edgewater on east. Day time walleye is good 40 to 55
fow.  Deep diver cranks, jets and dipseys with spoons and harnesses are all working. Good
Luck and keep me posted. TY