2010 FishCrazy Charters' Lake Erie Cleveland Fishing Reports

Monday 11/21/2010

Marks are "SICK"! At times is frustrating when you see them on the screen but no
takers. BERTHA keeps showing up on the screen, but so far she's being just a big
tease, eventually I'll figure out what she want!!!!

There are takers, and some out there are doing quite well at times with multiple
hookups at once.

Fished for the last week with a hand full of people, won't mention name so I don't get
them in trouble. Had some Derby fish come on board, but they didn't last in the money
for long. Most important, it was a blast being out there trying to seduce BERTHA!

Pulled several baits, most consistent so far was the blue/orange bomber signature
series. Speed 1.5- 1.7 mph GPS with slight variations at times. 5 to 30 foot leads with
30' and 10' being the most productive. Fish are scattered from Edgewater to E. 72nd.
You find them in different areas throughout the night.

Enough fish are in that chances for limits are very real. Even though, some very nice
quality fish can be had.

Sunday 11/14/10:

Today fished for perch. 38 fow out of Edgewater. Did well but had to cut the trip short.
Lake was pretty rough so we decided against the afternoon.

Saturday, trolled for walleyes in the vening 5pm - 11:30pm. Not a sniff.

Friday, did well on perch 38 fow, but nothing on walleyes.

Thursday, did good on perch in the afternoon. Went 1 for 3 on walleyes in the evening,
20' back "Salamander" custom paint HJ-14. 1.2-1.4 mpg GPS.

Wednesday, nothing on the evening walleyes.

Tuesday 11/09/10:

Tuesday. Perched in the afternoon - very, very slow. Worked for walleyes in the
evening - NADA. Gold Coast area from shallow to deep, text book marks in 40+ feet of
water. Finished up at Edgeater Marina around 9:00pm. Had good marks of bait fish
(shad) up at the surface, didn't see that before. Winds E-NE 5 mph or less. Water temp.
49.9 deg. Reports of shad at E. 72nd, good sign!

Monday fished out of Edgewater. Perched in front of Lakewood Park, very slow bite.
Trolled for walleyes till 11:00pm - NADA! S winds mild. Water temp 50 deg.

Sunday Fished out of E. 72nd. Perched off the East wall near the point. Got a few
perch. No walleyes for the night bite, trolled for the eyes till midnight. Water temp.
51deg. Winds S-SW light.

Wednesday, trolled for walleye at E. 72nd. Pulled one in 40 fow in front of the airport,
10' back Blue/Orange HJ-14. Got a nice 9+ pounds 1/4 mile east of the East Wall point,
Blue Glass Bomber 40' back, 1.7 mph. W-SW winds mild.

Wednesday 11/02/10

Perch is going strong off of Cleveland. Some real monsters are being caught. Tried the
walleye night bite out of Edgewater, No Fish!

Wednesday 10/20/10

Perching is doing real well with some 11" 12" on a regular basis. 38 fow east of the
river. Fished Tuesday 10/19, W winds 10+ mph. 3-5 waves.

Tuesday 10/12/10

N winds 7-10mph, waves 2-4 subsiding, water temperature 61.7 deg. Perched NW of
the Crib 52 fow. Slow but nice size perch, had to quit early. Tried the night bite for a
couple of hours, but still to early yet.

Monday 10/11/10

Over the weekend fished for perch. Went out Saturday by myself. 50 fow NE of the
Crib. Got one limit of nice fish. Sunday wend with two walk-ons. Stopped in 47 fow suth
of the Crib about 10:00am, very slow. Picked up and wend in 52 fow NW of the Crib.
Had slightly better action, then it turned on about noon. Started with smaller fish, but
midway we were catching some very nice jumbos. Quit about 2:15 with a 3-men limit,
90 perch.

Monday 08/02/10

Over the weekend we had a Hot/Cold, Sweet/Sower experience.
Saturday fished the Sand Bar out of Lorain. Pulled fish on anything we tried, but the
wrong kind, Sheephead. Only managed to boat one walleye.
Sunday, we fished the same area. Started out slow, but by the end of the day we
boated 30 walleyes.
For the month of August we will be doing all our walleye trips at the Sand Bar out of
Lorain, Hot Waters boat ramp.

Wednesday 07/28/10

Fish are more scattered then before. The bite is slower but steady. Steelhead nowhere
to be found.

Sunday 07/18/10

Cleveland Walleye Bite is still HOTTT!Limits caught daily!!!!!!!

Sunday 07/11/10

Cleveland Walleye bite is HOTTTT! Limits of walleyes are being caught every
day with a good number of steelhead in the mix.

Friday 07/09/10

Walleye fishing out of Cleveland is very good. Limits of walleyes are being taken with a
mix of steelhead in between.

Friday 06/17/10

Limits of walleye are being caught daily. Reef Runner Deep Diver RULES!

Monday 06/14/10

Thursday afternoon, pulled seven yes in 54 fow and one in shallow doing the night bite

Saturday fished the NCCBA tournament. Fished out of Chagrin River. Tried in close 20
to 35 fow, deep diver cranks. One small eyes and some "nice sheeps". Moved deeper
and got the walleyes, but no tournament size. Only managed 37 lbs for the weight.

Sunday, fished back home and went deep. Boated 16 eyes and one steelhead. 58 to
67 fow. 40-Jets with Stinger spoons 150 off the big boards. 2.5 mph GPS.

Thursday 06/10/10

Wednesday fished out of Edgewater. Got some small fish in 30 to 45 fow. In-lines 40
jets and Stinger Spoons. Moved to deeper water 55+ fow. Got into some bigger 5-7lbs
eyes. 40 jets with Stingers 50 and 40 off the big boards. 2.5 mph+ GPS speed.

Friday 06/04/10

Wednesday fished out of E 72nd. Thursday fished out of Edgewater. 40 Jets with
spoons 50 to 80 feet off the big boards about 50 fow. 2.4 mph.

Tuesday 06/01/10

Saturday 5/29 fished Lorain. Managed to get some eyes running Reef Runners 150' off
the big boards. Sunday 5/30 fished Cleveland, Found some fish deep 58 fow. 2 oz
in-lines with harnesses 60' off the big boards. Same for Monday 5/31

Thursday 05/27/10

Fished out of Edgewater. Day time 47 to 53 fow. DD Renoskys w/2oz, 100' off the big
boards. Night time, Gold Coast 7 to 12 fow. Long A Bombers 20-30 feet off the big
boards. Speeds 1.8-2.2mph GPS.

Wednesday 05/26/10

Fished out of E. 72nd. 4:00pm to dark. 47 fow. Pulled meat behind in-line boards, 2 & 3
oz. Boated 6, lost 3, had 3 more pull backs. 1.2 to 1.4 mph GPS. 2 oz. 40-60 feet back.
3oz. 10-40 feet back. One came off the bottom, 3 oz. 65 feet boat rod.

Tuesday 05/25/10

Fished out of Avon. 40 fow. 2oz in-line boards 80' back and 50' back, with colorado
harnesses. 1.2 1.7 mph gps.

Monday 05/24/2010

Finally got to fish Cleveland again. Went out Sunday afternoon. Did not get anything
during the day. We did go 8 for 10 plus a small mouth on 12 fow in front of the Gold
Coast. No Derby fish, just 3 to 5 pounds nice eaters. 20 to 30 feet off the small boards,
HJ-14 all colors worked. 2.0 mph GPS. Will be out in Avon this afternoon.

Saturday 04/24/10

Fished E. 72nd last night. The fish are playing games this year. Ended up getting 6
nice eyes on 4" yo-zury minnows. DD boat rod 30' back. 10', 20' & 30' off the boards.
Color didn't matter, the lure did. 1.7 to 1.9 mph GPS, Wt 49 deg.

Friday 04/23/10

Fished Edgewater last night. Only one fish during the day lite, Purple Demon Reef
Runner 30' back 1.8 mph gps. WT 50 to 52 deg. At 10 pm decided to move to E. 72nd.
Went 7 for 9 in a couple of hours. Glass Purple Perch, Blue Orange HJ 14. Blue
Orange Suspending Long A 5". Plant was on WT 59deg. 1.8-2.0 mph GPS.

Thursday 04/22/10

Fished out of Edgewater last night. The bite slowed down considerably from last week.

Sunday 04/18/10

Last week we fished a couple of times. We were able to hook fish both day and night.
Not many but a very good indicator of things to come. Best speeds were between 1.3 to
1.8 mph GPS.

Wednesday 04/14/10

Bite was REAL GOOD off the rocks at Edgewater last night between 7:00pm to
1:30pm. East of the rocks towards the mouth of the Marina.

Monday 04/12/10

Fished Edgewater/Cleveland. Fish are stacked in front of the marina and the fishing
pier from in tight to about 25 FOW. Some fish marked in shallow down to the Pier W.
Best marks in 15 to 20 FOW from Edgewater to Gold Coast.

We found active fish in 20 FOW drop off from the beach to The Flag. Took two
hookups within a 1/4 mile but did not turn back, scoping more areas. 1.5 to 1.8 mph
(gps) was the speed they preferred. Boat Rod with DD Renosky 30' back - Salamander
custom paint. HJ-14 Fire Tiger 10' back off the board.

Sunday 04/11/10

A few walleye were taken off the rocks at Edgewater/Cleveland this evening! That
would mean that Huron and Lorain should be on also.

As in the Fall. White, pearl color is the choice for now. F-18 are the big fish choice this
time of year!

I sure hope the guys casting will have a good Spring for a change. Everything shows
that it might be! Even the hatch might be quite good with this warm temperatures.