FishCrazy Charters' Lake Erie Cleveland Fishing Report
Friday 04/17/09:

Two pull backs early. No takers.

Saturday 04/18/09:

Went 2 for 5. Run them high 10' off the boards, 1.5 mph. Blue and Chartreuse colors.

Thursday 04/23/09:

Still a tough bite, but we managed some in the boat. Walleyes are still hitting light and get off easy.

Friday 04/24/09

Much better tonight. Just in time for my first trip! Boated 14, lost about three, had a couple more
pullbacks. Good old faithful did the trick!

Sunday 04/26/2009

Consistent in the early part of the evening, then picking here and there. No flurries, but steady. Boated a
nice cooler of fish, Again, the good old faithful!

Wednesday 05/06/09

Still a tough bite. Everything and nothing works. Hopefully by the weekend things will pick up! Water temp
53 deg. Most fish came on harnesses, big fish came on x-rap. 1.5 to 1.7 mph

Monday 05/18/09

Finally something worth something. Boated 7 eyes before dark. Had one big one on but got off! Sunday
night we got three before dark. Had the program down better tonight.

Friday 05/29/09

Fished from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, west of Rocky River, 28 fow. Ended up with 18 for the day: 2- over
9lbs, 1- over 8 lbs, 3-over 7 lbs, the rest were good eaters. Renosky Deep Diver 75' behind in-line
boards. Harnesses with 2 oz 15' and 20 ' behind in-line boards. Boat rods Reef Runners 50' out. 1.5 to
1.8 mph GPS. Had two storms go on each side of us, I guess it was a lucky night! Everything we had out
worked. Rainbow trout, fire tiger Rainbow trout fire-glo, perch in Renoskys, Emerald Shiner and Bubble
Gum in Reef Runners. Have no idea about the harness blades, but they were Colorado, had orange on
one edges and black stripes on the other, copper back.

Saturday 05/30/09

Fished the same area as Friday. Harnesses with 2 oz, 60' off the big boards did the job. Cranks only got
one eye. Ran some cranks deeper 75' with 2oz off the big boards but only got some jumbo perch with
them. Bottom bouncers with 3 oz did well too.

Tuesday 06/02/09

Fished west of Rocky River again. Set up about 4:45pm to 9:00pm. First two hours was all bottom
bouncers; 3 oz bottom bouncers, double drop, fire tiger perch and pee-in-your-pnaties blades ( I'm
beginning to learn the lingo). After a couple of hours the 2oz  25' behind the in-line boards, and 1 oz 40 '
behind kicked in. Same blades plus the watermelon gold and silver back. Speed 1.3 to 1.8 mph.

Friday 06/05/09

Fished west of Rocky River again. Best program was harnesses with 2 oz 20' to 30' off in-lines. Colorado
blades with orange and copper back worked the best. 1.2 - 1.5 mph GPS speed. Biggest one came of
Reef Runner Brown Perch 80' back.

Saturday 06/06/09

Fished Avon today, "White Perch City". The only thing that worked was 50' & 60' off the big boards with
2oz. The white perch was non-stop, we had to work hard to have "good lures" for the walleye, it was the
only way. We clean lures and reloaded non stop all day, must have went trough 100 crawlers today! We
managed 14 in the boat and lost a few more. We did run one side high for about 45 minutes, nothing
touch them,not even the white bass.

Monday 06/08/09

West of the Crib; 48 - 52 fow. 3 tickets in 3 hours; 5:00pm - 8:00pm. Harnesses 70' off the big boards
with 2 oz. 40 jets 70' off the big boards with Stingers. 1.7 mph GPS.

Tuesday 06/09/08

West of the Crib; 54 - 57 fow. Non stop action. Harnesses 50' off the big boards. 40 Jets 50' off the
boards. 2.0 - 2.2 mph GPS.

Wednesday 06/10/09

Fished in the morning. Same program and area as Tuesday! In the afternoon went by myself and used
the small in-lines, 50' back with 2 oz and spoons worked. Also used 40' sliders with 1 1/2 oz and
harnesses, this worked much better.

Thursday 06/11/09

Should be a good weekend coming up. Walleyes can be caught in 50 to 60 fow. in front of Cleveland from
Avon to Wildwood. We fished in the morning and did well. jet 40 with spoons 40 to 60 feet off the big
boards, 2 oz in-lines 40 to 60 feet off the big boards. Best speed 2.0 mph GPS.

Friday 06/12/09

Best depth for us was 56 to 58 fow. Jet-40 70 and 60 feet off the big boards. 2 oz in-lines 60 feet off the
big boards. Speed 1.7 to 2.4 mph GPS, the bite was so fast that we didn't have time to worry about the
speed. Some of the spoons that worked for us:

Saturday 06/13/09

Fished same area 57 fow out of Cleveland. 40-Jets with spoons on one side and 2oz in-lines with
harnesses on the other. All 60' off the big boards. 2.0 mph GPS Speed. Best colors were orange with
copper on the front and copper on the back, both for spoons and blades.

Morning trip we picked at them all day with the harnesses doing better. Finished up with a fire drill of
doubles with the spoons getting the last 5 fish.

Afternoon trip we headed out into 1 to 3 footers (3 to 5 with white caps), 1 hour to get there. Set up way
north in 59 fow to troll back with the waves. Same programs. Fished for about an hour before we decided
to head back in because of a storm approaching ( it never did, but it would have if we would have
stayed). Had 13 hook ups and landed 7.

Sunday 06/14/09

In the morning it was steady picking. In the afternoon we started slow and moved to find a better bite.
We did at one moment, turned back but didn't pay off. Just as we were to turn to the "steady bite" it
started, and kept going, and going, and going!

Monday 06/15/09

In the morning, fished deeper water with picks here and there, consistent in a way but nothing major. 2 oz
harnesses with Colorado harnesses and 40-Jets with spoons, 50 to 80 feet off the big boards. 1.7 to 2.0
mph GPS

In the afternoon, threw "the book" out, set up behind the Crib in 52 fow, trolled against the waves NE
heading at 2.3 to 2.9 mph GPS. 2 oz in-lines with Colorado harnesses on one side and 40-Jets with
Spoons (orange/Copper with copper and silver backs) on the other sides, everything 60' back. Had one
on as soon as we finished setting up, then it was doubles, triples and quadruples for the next three miles.
Turned around and kept at it. Spoons as orange as you can get them, copper or silver back. Colorado
harnesses didn't matter because the white bass and white perch didn't care, and when they didn't get to
them, the walleyes loved them

Tuesday 06/16/09

Nothing changed, same areas, same program. The waves were slightly bigger, 6' rollers.

Wednesday 06/17/09

Fish still there, programs still the same!

Monday 06/22/09

Everything is different. Found them in 60+ fow. 2 oz with harnesses 150' off the big boards. Jet -40 with
spoons 175' off the big boards. Once we found them and figured out the program it was all good!

Tuesday 06/23/09

Fished in Donkey's Land. Skinny Water, Non stop action 1 oz in-lines 20' to 30' back. 1.5 mph GPS.

Wednesday 06/24/09

Morning fished close. Same as Tuesday, worked well. Afternoon, In close didn't work. Went deep. 125'
off the big boards for both 40-Jets with spoons, and 2 oz in-lines with harnesses. 2.0 mph. GPS

Thursday 06/25/09

Fished for about 1/2 an hour got two eyes and a steelhead, lost the third eye. Took off quick, bad storm
coming. Picture was taken at 6:00 pm, see the monster in the background.

Friday 06/26/09

Fished in 68 to 70 fow, Took a couple of hours to find them, but when we did it was hot. First fish was a
10 lbs steelhead that riped  200 feet of line right off the get go, Jet-40 50' off the big boards. Harnesses
with 3 oz in-lines 125' off the big boards did all the work on walleyes, also pulled an even bigger
steelhead on them. 2.0 + mph GPS

Saturday 06/27/09

Fished the same area as Friday. All harnesses 3 oz and 2 oz 75 to 100 feet off the big boards. Got limits
on eyes within a few hours then switched to jets and spoons for steelheads. Only had on steely pull, but
got off.

Sunday 06/28/09

Started out strong, then the waves picked up. Came back in riding 6-7 foot waves. Fished in 70 fow.

Thursday 07/02/09

Change of plans! Wind was strong, waves were high. Tucked in and managed to go 4 for 8 on eyes with
3 other pullbacks. 1 oz 25 and 50 feet back worked better. Attempted to stay at 1.5 mph GPS.

Saturday 4th of July

Waves again in the morning. Stayed tucked in and mange 9 for 10 eyes. 1oz 20 back worked the best.

Sunday 07/05/9

Fished the deepest this year, 78- 80 fow. Tried for some good steelhead action. Everything was slow,
Picked some fish here and there.

Tuesday 07/07/09

The day started out good 3' or less waves with an occasional 4 footer. Set up in 70+ fow, trolled N.
Shortly after steelhead hit 125' back on 3 oz with harness, lost it. Then 40 Jets with spoons kicked in,
150' back, even managed to boat one of the steelies. For the next hour and a half it was nothing but jets,
checked the harnesses twice, and they were not even touched. Lake kicked up so we changed to a SE
troll with the waves. Then they found us, sheaphead after sheaphead, high or deep, harness or spoon.
Then a double on the harnesses, heavy fish, both of them. Thumping and tugging hard. Two monster
sheapheads? Ended up being two Fish O's walleyes. Pulled some more eyes in that area, then the white
perch found us. They were hungry, we even got a double white perch on one harness. Lake laid down,
turned and trolled back. Dropped the 3 oz to 175+ feet back. Got in the walleye area again and pulled
some more eyes. The pleasant surprise was the few 11"+ yellow perch we pulled after dropping
everything low. Also had two more steelies brake the harnesses. It sure was a "mix veggies" type of day.
The fish seamed to be grouped in different areas: walleye - steelhead / sheaphead / walleye -  yellow
perch / WHITE PERCH.


Wednesday 07/08/09

Fished skinny water. Not good at all, only managed two eyes, and a ton of sheaphead.

Thursday 07/09/09

Found a nice pod of real nice fish, deep in 72 FOW. 3 oz with harnesses 175' back. 1.8 - 2.0 mph GPS.
Fished for three hours, kept our 12 eyes and 2 steelies. Threw the rest back (alive)

Friday 07/10/09

Started again in the 72 to 74 fow. Trolled west this time. Within 10 minutes we had a triple, and ended
the day with a triple. Non-stop action all day. From the last few fishing outings the school of walleyes
stretches for 11 miles West to East, and 4 miles South to North. Picked them off the bottom again, 3 oz,
175' back with harnesses. Yesterday we got a 29 1/2 " walleye, today we got one that went 32 1/2".

Sunday 07/12/09

In the morning, fished 72 to 75 fow. 3 oz, 175' of the big boards with Colorado harnesses. 1.8 to 2.0 mph
GPS. In the afternoon fished only for about an hour and a half. 3 oz, 125' off the big boards, same speed.

Tuesday 07/14/09

Started in 74 fow, hit them right off the bet, first fish to a guy who never caught a walleye in their life went
10 lbs. There are walleyes and steelhead all in front of Cleveland from 72 fow in front of Avon to 78 fow
in front of Chagrin River. We had one BIG STEELHEAD on. I handle fish all day long, and I know a big
fish when I feel one on the line. This one was BIG and BAD. It surfaced a couple of times, that's how we
knew for sure it was a steely, but it never gave an inch. It just kept pulling drag, and pilling drag, and it
tore its face off before it ever turned towards the boat! Throughout the afternoon they kept changing from
125' back to 200' back with Colorado harnesses and 3 oz weight off the big boards. From 1.7 to 2.3 mph
GPS. We had to pull all lines in a few times and reload due to white perch. Today was not a day to be
lazy, We even changed some blade colors. I change running depth and running speed before I worry
about blade colors.

Friday & Saturday 07/17 & 07/18 2009

See Pictures

Sunday 07/19/09

Got out at the "Honey Hole" around 10:30 am. It was bone dry, nothing but white perch and white bass.
Spent an hour working the area with no results. Picked up lines and followed the 2005 path, it's been true
ever since. Set up lines in the new spot; fish one right away, followed by a triple, two eyes and a steely.
Stayed non-stop for the rest of the day. Boated  32 eyes and 3 steelheads.

Wednesday 07/22/09

Very undecided. Weather called for T-storms coming, so we opted to stay close and try for perch. Two
hours later and a few spot changes we had two perch to show for. Weather seamed to clear. Called
home, weather report was acceptable, decided to go deep. Sunday's line didn't work much. Followed the
2005 path and found them again. Got good action for about an hour, got many hookups but only boated
four eyes and one steely. Weather looked like it was building up and decided to come in. Stopped in a
few more areas for perch, but only got a few more.

Monday 07/27/09

Went deep, fun fishing, with Isac on his boat. Tried in 65 fow on some promising marks, nothing. Went to
the previous hot spot, fair marks, only managed on eye and lost a steely. Made a move, and found the
marks we were looking for. Ran the usual program, 175' back off the big boards with Colorado
harnesses, but no taker. Marks were getting better and better, but still no fish. Observed the Isac's reels
were only 1/2 to 3/4 full. Lengthen the leads, and sure enough at 225' back, we had two hookup in 5
minutes. A steelhead, and an eye that tangled three other rods. In this case, the lead difference between
full spools and 1/2 spools was 50 to 75 feet. Cleared the mess and decided to come in on daylight.

Tuesday 07/28/09

Went in the morning on the last spot from last night. The strong south winds produced good 3 to 5 foot
waves all day. Found the marks and set up lines, 3 oz in-line weights with harnesses 175' back, and 4 oz
150' back. Had a nice line, steady picking on eyes, started to run out of the walleye school but could not
turn back because of the high waves. Had only an hour left to fish with a long run home so we decided to
stay course, keeping a close eye on the Canadian boarder!LOL. Soon enough we started getting
steelies, boated five and lost a few more. The run back through the 5+ foot waves too over two hours,
but well worth the trip.

Thursday 07/30/09

Went deep again in 80+ FOW. Set up the down rigger, to target steelheads, with a purple chatter stick
45 to 55 feet down. It went 5 for 12 with a 13 lbs coho salmon and a 13 lbs steelhead landed. Those
steelheads would jump out of the water within a second after hitting, before you would even got to the
rod. It was spectacular seeing those steelies jump 5 feet in the air 10 feet behind the boat. They all but
demolished that poor Chatter Stick before one of then finally broke the leader and took it away! The
walleyes did their usual, 3 oz 175' back and 4 oz 150 back. The walleye bite was slower today, but the
quality of fish was HIGH! Average 8 lbs on the total catch!

Sunday 10/18/09

Tried out the night bite. Went 5 for 6. It's getting started, should be good by the weekend. 1.7 mph. 20 -
30 feet back.

Monday 10/19/09

Today I was reminded again why I have a hard time perching! LOL. Walleyes are trying to come in at
night, but the lack of bait fish are not bringing them in big numbers. Once the bait fish are going to pack
the shore lines, the walleyes will be there, just a matter of days!

Tuesday 10/20/09

So far the night bite is "SLOW" at best! The eyes are roaming in looking for bait, but the bait is not yet in.
Give it another week or so! Tonight we did mark some bait, but not enough to hold in a large number of
walleyes. Best leads 20-30'.1.8 mph GPS. Nothing particular on the color, but we did not put out a fire
tiger yet!

Tuesday 10/27/09

C-Town Night Bite is getting some consistency. 20'-30' back. Chartreuse bellies was the ticket! 1.6 mph
GPS. Hook fish, stay on the spot. Large schools of walleyes are not yet formed, but smaller packs stay
consistent in certain areas. A good cold spell will be what's needed to get a large number of eyes in and

Wednesday 10/28/09

Fished E. 72nd. SLOW!

Thursday 10/29/09

Fished Edgewater. Found some fish on the 16' drop-off. Black & Gold was the color of choice. 40'back.
Went 6 for 8. Fish that are in are already feeding heavy, they are thickening up and have their bellies full.
This clod front should bring in more walleyes and the bite should get much better with more numbers to
be caught, The bait fish was thick at Edgewater, even along the rocks where people can cast for them,
this should make it good fro casters also.

Friday 10/30/09

Edgewater. Hooked 10 eyes, but only landed 5. Best was in real shallow 6-12 fow. Same programs as

Sunday 11/01/09

Water stained. Fishing slow. Picked up three running baits 5' to 10' off the board. Chartreuse bottom.

Monday 11/02/09

Steady picking with some BIG ones in the mix, went 8 for 9. Started with orange belly lures at 40' back
doing the catching. The the chartreuse belly ones finished the night at 30' back. 2- to 30 fow.

Monday 11/09/09

Fishing is terrible out of Cleveland! Fished out of Lorain Sunday night, but only managed 4 fish!

Thursday 11/12/09

Fished Cleveland. Water temp 51 deg. Some fish came back in today, with two big ones for the derby.
Rip Stick (Reef Runner) fire tiger 5'-10' back did real good. Other good lures were Bomber - white
pattern colors 10'-20' back. GPS speed 1.0 to 1.7 mph.

Friday 11/13/09

Thursday's spot was a DUD. Stayed there till 10:30pm without even a pull back. Moved on a good tip.
Managed two walleyes in the next hour and a half. Best part of the night is one of the guys catching his
first walleye ever, and it went well over 10 lbs.

Saturday 11/14/09

Fished E 72nd. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Sunday 11/15/09

Fished out of Cleveland. Had to cut the trip short, but went 4 for five with a monster 11+ lbs. in the mix.
RipStick on the boat rod 30'back took the big one. HJ black/Gold and Blue/Orange, 40' back hooked four.
Tried to keep the speed around 1.5 mph.

Thursday 11/19/09

Fished E. 72nd. Perch in the afternoon by the light house, on the slow side with a mixed size. We did get
a 12 1/2" and a few over 10".

We boated 4 out of 5 walleyes from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, then nothing until 11:00pm. Fish came on all the
leads, 10 to 40' back. HJ-14 Black/Gold, Red Perch, Blue Glass.

Friday 11/20/09

Fished Edgewater and E. 72nd, hooked fish both places. Fish are beginning to stack up but not eating
heavy yet. They should get going in the next few days and the catch numbers should increase drastically.
Black/Gold HJ-14 did most of the damage, 30'back worked well, 1.0-1.5 mph GPS

Monday 11/23/09

Saturday 11/21/0
9, fished Edgewater, mostly by the river. Managed five on a SLOW BITE again.
Black/Gold Chatter Stick on the boat rod 35' back pulled 2. Black/Gold HJ-14 20' off the board did fish.
1.0 to 1.4 mph GPS. After midnight went to E. 72nd to look for a BIG One for the derby. Fished till 5:30
am with only one steal head.

Sunday 11/22/09, fished E. 72nd. Trolled the beaten path for 5 1/2 hours without even a pull back. Then
decided to go "hunting". We found them, way out of reach on the Fall 2007 path. First one 10 lbs, second
11+, third 11++. Three nice fish in 15 minutes. We took seven eyes then call it the night. Pink was the
ticket, Bomber, HJ, RipStick, just had to be pink. !.5 - 1.7 mph GPS. 5' to 10' back from the boards.

Monday 11/23/09, finally the Fall bite is on!!!!!!!! Took three Pros with me to fish for the Derby. Boated
17 walleyes, kept 9. Had three other pull backs. Pinky went dead, yet the RipStick Pink/White kicked.
The Chartreuse F-18 was on fire, so was one of the pros, lol. 1.0-1.7 mph GPS, 10 behind the boards

Wednesday 11/25/2009

Bite was still slow at E. 72nd. BUT: Mike Fanning boated a 14.424 pound monster. We boated 3 more
and had another MONSTER on, but lost it! RipStick Pink/Lemonade and Firetiger, 10 back did all the
damage 1.2 to 1.8 GPS Speed.

Thursday 11/26/09 Happy Thanksgiving!

Fished E.72ns again. Slow. Carl Bachtel boated a 12.328 lbs walleye for the Derby. Caught and released
another 11+ lbs. We did get 3 more for the table! 10' leads wit various lures.

Saturday 11/28/09

Fished E. 72nd looking for a BIG FISH, nothing. Last couple of hours moved to 42 fow. Took 6 eyes 4 to
7 pounds and one steel head.

Sunday 11/29/09

Left the "Green Pastures" to hunt for BIG EYES! Yeah, got wet and cold!

Tuesday 12/01/09

Fish are still there, not in great numbers, and not BIG. HJ 10' to 20' back, 1.00 to 1.5 mph.

Wednesday 12/02/09

Loooooooooooooong Night! Fished E. 72nd from 8:00pm to 3:30am. Onle 3 eyes and a steal head. Well
worth it! Ripstik 900 Firetiger pulled a nive 12.528 lb wlleye for my derby partener Brian Kitch. He kept
that lure out there for the laft for trips, and insisted that he'll get a BIG ONE on it. He sure did, too bad
that fish had not eaten as much as some of the others we've caught, it's belly was only about 1/2 full! We
got them at .7 mph, 1.2 mph, 1.7 mph.