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The idea and goal of The Lake Erie FishCrazy Walleye Derby is to create a tournament
that can be won and fished by anyone, and to provide substantial cash prizes, guaranteed
sponsors, regardless of the number of entries. At the award party we give out
thousands of dollars in CASH prizes and merchandise, ranging from fishing trips from our
area charters to fishing gear from tackle manufactures and local tackle shops.

To achieve this, we picked two of the best times of the year when Cleveland walleye
fishing is at its best,
Spring and Fall Night Bite Seasons, when the big walleyes are in
close and can be caught casting off shore or from the boat not far from shore. We also
made the tournaments into weeks-long derbies so everyone willing has a chance to
participate, doing nothing more then fish as they would normally do these times of year.
This also provided extended coverage to our sponsors and advertisers.

The Derby has been growing in popularity and support over the entire Lake Erie, Ohio
Shores. So much so, that we decided to grow it from the 3 to 6-week Derbies twice a
year to one
7-month Derby from May 01 to November 30, and provide weigh-in stations
and registrars from the Michigan to Pennsylvanian borders so everyone interested can

Prior to this year, we held The Derby twice a year in the Spring (April, May) and Fall
(November, December) for 3 to 6 weeks each, before and after the Lake Erie boating
season. The visits on the site during these derbies were:

Fall 2007 4-week Derby - 7,000 hits
Spring 2008  6-week Derby - 14,600 hits
Fall 2008 3-week Derby - 8,200 hits
Spring 2009 4-week Derby - 12,600 hits
Fall 2009 4-week Derby - 13,600 hits

Total number of visits during the 5 months of the first 5 Derbies was 56,000. That's 11,200
average visits per month, 373 average visits per day.

The new concepts and ideas incorporated for
The New Derby will keep it going through
the entire boating season, will expend over the entire Ohio Lake Erie shore, and will keep
the leader boards "LIVE" for the entire duration. The money winners for every week,
month and overall can change from day to day, hour to hour, and up the last minute. This
will keep the excitement going, and the interest up. The increase in the amount of traffic
going from the small derbies to the large one will be very significant! Most importantly, the
hits we're getting are from people who visiting our site intentionally.

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advertising page!
Derby Accomplishments
$ 29,325.00 PAID OUT IN CASH
$ 10,000.00 IN MERCHANDISE
56,000 VISITS